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 CFS going down?
 Posted: March 28th, 2016, 04:22 PM
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Hey guys!
I'm sure some of you had a few heart attacks when the CFS went down a few minutes ago. Sorry about that! It turns out I've been using a lot of bandwidth on my server (go figure, since half the jcink community uses the CFS, right?) but's it's always easier for you guys to have the latest version of the script if Black is able to upload and directly update it so you all can use it. Therefore, my hosting company basically told me I need to upgrade to a better plan for a dedicated IP.

Which is great except it costs $15 a month. Sadly, I am a college student who has to pay for food and rent (which is absurd bc California) so $15 a month is a few more meals than I anticipated to skip. Therefore, it would be awesome if a few of you could donate a few dollars here or there. $2 would be sublime in helping me keeping my website online.

ps. we're going to be going down for some time around 3:30 AM Pacific time aka 6:30 Eastern while I migrate to a new server.

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